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Anastasia, 18 years old from the Czech Republic

Hey Guys, My name is Anastasia. I was born and raised in Prague in the Czech Republic. I hope you like my pictures on Ebina Models. All the outfits in my sets are chosen by me, and all the sexy poses are my own idea. If you are born in Czech like I was, then you would know how important it is to tease men real good. We are such a poor country; the young girls like me can barely afford food. The more you tease a man the more you get to eat. :) To be honest it makes me look like a bitch. My mother doesn't talk to me anymore since I had these pictures taken. She said I look like one of the thousands of street hookers in Prague! I am proud of my body! I work out very hard to be in this good a shape, and my boobs are very big and firm, fake or real? Join this website and find out for yourself. I like to show off my tight body in the hottest outfits you can imagine. Drop me an email, I am still looking for Mr. Right or just tell me if you like or dislike my pictures. The personal contact with my members is very important to me. I get hundreds of nice emails from my members, they help keep me going and fighting against my disapproving family. I love what I do! I wouldn't stop modeling for anything!.
Anastasia From Anastasia Now!
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