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Jenna & Natasha both 21 from Russia
Hey there Guys, I am Jenna, Natasha and me are 2 original Russian girls, we have been on the internet since we both turned 18 years old. It is almost impossible that you have never seen any pictures of us on the net. Our website Jenna-Natasha.com has now merged with Ebina Models. Our website has approx. 3000 Pictures of Natasha, and me together and our best girlfriends from Russia and the United States. We are happy that we can each make our living with softcore modeling images.

Both of us are skinny little exhibitionists and enjoy our photo-shoots 100%. The more people join through our signup form the more pictures we can shoot. We have no doubt that you will like our work so far and will love our future work even more. My Daddy always said, "The best profession is the profession you do with pleasure." Doing the lesbian pictures with Natasha is nothing other than pure pleasure for me, and she agrees. She is the hottest girl I have ever seen! she smells so good and her skin is so soft. I really feel sorry that you guys can't have the same experiences with her that I do.

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