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Nathalie, 19 from the USA

Yo Yo Yo, wassup guys? I'm Nathalie from the Bronx. I lived in Germany for a few years, but now I'm back home. Looking like me can be a gift or a pain in the ass. When I was in Germany the people were calm and quiet, but the guys from my block are crazy little horny bastards! I love it coz it's my home, but I had to get used to the, "Hey Chica!?", "Yo Baby!?" stuff again.

Now the guys saw my pics on the 'net and that totally didn't help my situation. Ever since the guys from the block found out that I'm an Internet Model they gave me a new nickname 'E-Hoe' aka the electronic hooker.

I'm not a hooker, what the fuck! I'm a fucking model and I think if I keep doing this and start showing a lil bit more each time I'll not only get a lot more attention from my homies on the block, I'm sure I'll also get the attention of big modeling agencies. That's at least what my photographer told me.

I believe him, he seems like a nice guy!
Joanna From Hotgirlfriends.net
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