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Istephanija, 20 from Colombia

I'm Istephanija and I'm from Colombia. There are many beautiful women from my country. I am Ebina's biggest blindfold model! I couldn't believe the idea when I heard it, but once I tried it, I loved it! It is so crazy and exhilarating to be shot in with a blind fold on.

I think the pictures look great and I turn myself on when I look at them. From what my fans tell me they can't get enough of it! I have over 1000 members and there are over 6000 pictures of me! Most of the photos were taken by my best friend.

It's a pretty cool hobby to do in our spare time. I like to receive emails from fans asking me for specific kinds of photos. Its great being able make them happy.

If my family would know about my modelling they would dis-own me. Thank god that i wear a blindfold!
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